Rabenbucht Rottweilers (Previously: Wilynholz)

Welcome to the home of Rabenbucht Rottweilers!         
Our Name has changed... but everything else is the same!

 At Rabenbucht Rottweilers our goal is to breed the ideal Rottweiler.

We strive to maintain and produce Rottweilers with correct conformation, working ability, and true Rottweiler temperament. Dogs who would be suitable for show, working, and/or exceptional family companions!

We believe in and follow the ADRK/FCI standard for the Rottweiler as closely as possible. Although some of our older dogs are still docked, as per the AKC standard here in the US, we feel that the Rottweiler should have a natural tail. We hope that the AKC and the American Rottweiler Club will follow the lead of the ADRK and the FCI in the near future, and welcome and encourage natural tailed dogs.

All of our puppies have their natural tails as per the ADRK/FCI Breed Standard.

 We have puppies!!! We are excited to announce the arrival of our G Litter, born on August 26, 2018! We have 5 boys and 1 girl! Our H litter has also arrived, 3 boys and 5 girls were born on September 11, 2018! If you are interested in a puppy please contact us! You can see information on both litters on our Upcoming Litters Page!

We are excited to announce plans for our our "F" Litter! We are hoping for happy, healthy puppies that will be suitable for Show/Work and/or exceptional family companions! Please take a look at our Upcoming Litters Page for more information! Puppies are expected in early October 2017!

The "E" litter has arrived!!!
6 boys and 4 girls born on October 2, 2016! For more information on the litter visit our Upcoming Litters page, also feel free to contact us if you are interested in a puppy or have questions! All of the E Litter Pups have been spoken for!!!

UPDATE! 12/13/14:
The D Litter has arrived! All pups are doing great! 3 girls, 5 boys!

: We are please to announce we have chosen the sire for our "D" litter! We will be using from Mein Drehkraft Kennels, NERF Sieger 13', Multi V-rated, Multi BOB/BOS, AKC GCH, Rojan's Ring of Steele v Wisteria, CD, RN, RA, RE, HIC, CGCA, TT, NERF Top Dog 12', For more info on this up coming litter, please visit our Upcoming Litters page.

04/06/2013: Wilynholz Rottweilers has changed our name to Rabenbucht Rottweilers!  Rabenbucht translates as "Raven Cove" a lovely cove on Lake Wentworth in Wolfeboro, NH where I spent all of my summers growing up and still visit even now. A tribute to my favorite place to be.

10/14/2012:  Our "C" Litter was born on October 14, 2012. "Brixi", Brixius vom Wilynholz X "Zilly", Godzilla vom Wesburg!  Check out our Previous Litters page for more information.
**All the puppies have been spoken for.**

09/24/2011:  Ginny vom Schwarzen Hammer earns her SchH 1 title under SV Judge Bruno Kastelic-Sakopanrig at the USRC trial in CT. Scores: 70-93-94 (a).
Congrats to Ginny and Willie!

09/25/2010: Ginny vom Schwarzen Hammer goes V-1 at the USRC North East Regional Sieger Show, and then takes NE Regional Select Female. Ginny also passed her BST (Breed Suitability Test) under USRC judge Andreas Mueller!

10/03/2010:  Ginny vom Schwarzen Hammer goes V-1 from the Working class at the AIRK National Sieger Show. Ginny also passed her AIRK Ztp (Breed Suitability Test) under FCI Judge Carla Lensi (Italy).



Wilynholz "B" Litter, Sire: Caius von der Frolikind, Dam: Von Hill Jade, and their puppies!



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